Consultancy & Technical Expertise

We help our clients develop new and existing software to best suit their needs. Our consultancy and technical services include coding, configuration, audit and implementation. As part of the software development process, we produce models to give our clients an overview of the expected outcome, we give them the ability to test the product and we make any necessary adjustments.

    We familiarize ourselves with our clients’ business goals and vision, analyze their needs, match that with their current implementation and find areas for improvement. During this stage, we develop a Business Requirements Document in conjunction with our client to clarify their expectations and objectives and to decide on the action plan, which might include upgrading an existing software or implementing and configuring an entirely new software. We analyze our clients’ requirements and business needs and propose the best software with the optimal features for them.
  • Upgrading
    We enhance our clients’ current software and equip them with functional features and customizations to ensure that they are compliant with the industry’s best practices. As part of the upgrade process, we detect breaches and issues and give recommendations to our clients on how to resolve them. Our team works with the client to implement all the required upgrades to refresh their software with state-of-the-art features and options.
  • Implementation & Configuration
    When implementing and configuring a new software for our clients, we go through their business structure to get a better understanding of their processes and their functioning and to ensure that the software fits in perfectly and serves their specific purposes. During this stage, we propose possible enhancements to processes such as permissions and oversight. Once our technical and functional specifications are signed off, we move on to implementation. If the client is migrating from an old software, we also manage the transition with the least amount of friction, and we ensure that useful features are kept. We also handle process migration and data migration.
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards & Reports
    We provide our clients with efficient tools for data visualization, including metrics, key performance indicators and analytics. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the data collected and displayed serves their specific reporting and analysis requirements.

Support & Maintenance

Our clients can rest assured that our support team is always available to resolve any bugs or problems they run into. We provide support and help services of the highest caliber to ensure that our clients are always satisfied. In addition to customer support, our after-sales services include maintenance, adding new features and monitoring.

  • Ongoing Administration
    Remote and secure handling of day-to-day issues, including user management, security management, routine maintenance and reporting.
  • Bug Fixing
    Reviewing the architecture, indicating and removing errors in the code, fixing performance issues, modifying misconfigured features and add-ons.
  • System Monitoring
    Anticipating system issues via performance tracking and preemptive measures.
  • Feature Improvement and Customization
    Upgrading the system to constantly improve the dialogue with customers and keep up with the latest trends in the industry.


We offer training to end users on how to utilize all features after installing the software. Our training programs are highly flexible and adaptable based on the specific implementation scenario:

  • When upgrading an existing software, we provide clear instructions on their functionality, and we train our clients and their staff on how to use them.
  • When implementing an entirely new software, we offer long-term, intensive training packages for the entire staff across all institutional levels.
  • As part of our support agreements, we also offer training for new employees who join our clients’ enterprises in order to ensure that they are fully capable of operating the software.

We also provide detailed instructional materials, including manuals, video recordings and screenshots after the training is delivered to ensure smooth operation. We also offer assistance to users to enable our clients to draw the most benefit out of the features installed.