Good applications mean good business!
Business applications are the nervous system of your organization. When properly implemented and customized, they ensure business functionality, enhance productivity and take into account future expansion and evolution. Softsales promises to develop suitable applications that meet your specific needs and help you reach your business objectives.


Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

CRM is essential for managing interactions and relationships with customers. A good CRM software helps businesses grow sales and improve customer service.


Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP)

ERP consists of a range of applications that enable a company to manage its business processes in an integrated manner, as well as to collect, store and analyse related data.


Human Resource
Management (HRM)

HR software is a digital solution for managing and optimizing the daily human resources tasks and overall HR goals of an organization.



Accounting is key to doing successful business, and a good accounting software automates an organization’s financial functions and transactions.


Business Intelligence (BI)

Data collection is essential to keep track of performance, but large businesses need tools to make sense of the enormous quantities of data they collect. This is where BI comes in, as it transforms data into meaningful insights.


Customer Service

Customer service software allows businesses to communicate with customers, track relationships and engage with clients to resolve their issues and answer their questions. It also covers field service management, which includes comprehensive preventive maintenance programs. These allow businesses to resolve field issues before they occur, reduce operational costs, optimize resources and build customer loyalty.


Become part of the digital transformation!
Digital platforms provide unprecedented opportunities for growth and integration. Softsales supports its clients in exploring new, digital business models, offering them innovative online marketing and commerce tools to help them get on board with the latest digital trends, while ensuring an effortless customer experience.

Web Marketing

Web marketing has become essential for growing businesses and reaching wider audiences, and effective web marketing software helps companies use the power of the Internet to promote products and services on digital media platforms.


E-commerce enables businesses to sell products globally and to operate 24/7 at far lower costs than opening physical stores. Customers worldwide are increasingly searching for a frictionless shopping experience, and having an effective e-commerce platform has become indispensable.


Better integration for better control!
Data integration enables the exchange of information across different departments automatically, while ensuring compatibility between platforms. This produces actionable business intelligence, guarantees that the necessary information reaches the right recipient and ultimately helps your business thrive and succeed by saving time, boosting efficiency and allowing for better and more targeted analytics. We provide you with the best tools and processes to do so, including:
combine data from different sources to give you a single, unified view, which enables you to produce actionable business intelligence

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)

ETL is a data integration process that involves three steps: extraction, transformation and loading.
It allows businesses to extract data form multiple sources, blend it and transform it into a compatible
format for insertion into another database.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

An ESB enables the integration of different applications by establishing a
system for communication and interaction between them.



Build your organization on a solid foundation!
Infrastructure is the very foundation upon which the various components of your business are built. It is what enables all the different processes and operations in your organization. Whether in terms of network security, database management, cloud workspaces or traditional desktop applications, good infrastructure means reliable operation, less hold-up and overall safer and smoother processes. Softsales infrastructure solutions cover the following:

Network Security

Network security is crucial to ensure the integrity of a company’s processes and data, chiefly by guarding against unauthorized intrusions and preventing misuse or subversion

Database Management

In a nutshell, database management allows the organization, storage and retrieval of data. It also includes security practices by database administrators and systems to maximize data value.

Cloud Workspace

A Cloud Workspace basically allows users to log-in to their workspace from any device wherever they are and to access the same functions via a virtual desktop experience. It gives businesses a high degree of flexibility and mobility.

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications are a necessity for day-to-day functions and transactions. They include the tools installed on users’ computers which are needed to perform tasks and run operations.